Alan M. Ferreira

Inspiring Author and Athlete

Alan Marc Ferreira is a Trinidadian born Creative Director who often moonlights as an actor, model, and athlete. Called to martial arts from the age of 10, Ferriera has trained in Karate, Boxing, Krav Maga and MMA which he utilized for stunt work and fight choreography in his career as an actor as well as his brief venture into the octagon. His training also led him to success as a national athlete in Natural Bodybuilding within the Men's Physique category.

Ferreira has worked on both sides of the screen, as an actor/stuntman as well as a Creative Director on the production team both for film and game design. Working within the art form helped fuel and ignite his passion for world-building and storytelling, encouraging him to write A Knight to Remember, a four-part Fantasy children’s series following the exploits of a young squire as he tags along with a band of adventures on a quest to rid a kingdom of a menacing dragon.

Living and working within a developing country where mental health is not widely spoken of and inspired by his own hardwon relationship with his mental health, Ferreira felt that using the genre of fantasy would enable children to relate to and understand depression, as well as allow them to talk about it in a way they were comfortable expressing.

Ferreira’s main source of inspiration for talking about depression in the form of a children's book, was his two-year-old nephew Aaron, who the book is dedicated to.

Ferreira currently resides in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago.




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