Dawn of The Dragon

Besieged by a fire breathing Dragon, a King must devise a course of action to save not only himself, but the livelihoods of all of those who call his kingdom their home.




What should have begun as a routine morning of song and merriment, rapidly devolved into a maelstrom of destruction and demolition that would forever shake at the very foundations of the Kingdom of Vaurus. As he would every morning, the King arose from his chambers to great his people with an inspirational ballad of jubilation and devotion, but instead of bestowing upon them a song with an inspiring and overwhelming temperament to fulfill their day to its maximum potential, he presented to them a chorale of terror and trepidation.

A cataclysm of gargantuan magnitude had descended upon the peaceful and joyous kingdom like the thunderous waves of a tsunami upon a castle made of sand.

In lieu of elation and optimism, the people of the kingdom were greeted on this morning with apprehension and dread as the warm light of their sun and the song of their great King were usurped by the frigid caress of a deafening darkness and the stifling embrace of a paralyzing fear.